Regional Reports

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Natural resource preservation and protection are challenges that confront every region of the world. Below are select discussions of these issues and actions being taken within each of six regions of the world.


As you learned in this chapter's case study, the great tropical forest of the Congo has long been threatened by mining-related deforestation. A hopeful event occurred in October 2015 when several European countries offered financial support to the Democratic Republic of Congo and other nearby countries for improved action against illegal logging and mining operations. To learn more, read about the Central African Forest Initiative.

Asia Pacific

In a bid to keep the Great Barrier Reef from being reclassified by the United Nations as “in danger”, the Australian government unveiled a 35-year plan to manage risks to the reef, one of the natural wonders of the world. Read more on this here.


With the initiative of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection in the country of Georgia, a working group including the President of the German Federal Environmental Agency was created to investigate the potential of constructing a biosphere reserve. Read more about this initiative here.

North America

The Gulf of Mexico region of the United States contains an abundance of natural resources. The Gulf Restoration Network (GRN) organizes the public around protecting these resources. Go to the GRN website for news about recent actions taken to protect the Gulf of Mexico.

South America

Demand for Latin America’s mineral, agricultural, and energy wealth is fueling regional growth. But natural ecosystems must also be conserved, along with the services they provide to society, for regional development to endure. To achieve this, the Latin America Conservation Council (LACC) renewed its commitment to address the issue of ecosystem conservation at a special conference. Go here for more on this.

South Asia

In August, 2014, representatives from each of the 8 countries that make up South Asia met in Kathmandu, Nepal to discuss how they can collaborate to address the problem of poaching. The group focused on how their countries could strengthen transboundary cooperation for intra-country law enforcement initiatives through intelligence sharing on poaching and trade trends, along with exchanging knowledge and skill for fighting wildlife crime across South Asia. Go here for more details.


Questions to Consider

If you had the opportunity, what country in the world would you most like to visit for the first time? Is your interest in the country in any way connected to its natural environment? Do some research on your country of interest and investigate:

  • What are this country's most notable natural resources?
  • Is the country doing anything to preserve and protect its natural resources?