The inner convictions that give meaning to one's life and expressed in how one acts.


Food and Spirituality

Thus far, we have studied food science from an environmental perspective and food ethics from the standpoint of Healing Earth’s moral foundations and principles. One might expect that this knowledge would be enough to move us into action. For some people, it is enough because their inner spirit is already dedicated to the task of supporting healthy food and sustainable food systems. For other people, scientific and ethical knowledge has still not been enough to move them to act.

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Global Climate Change and Spirituality

Global climate change is altering every dimension of the Earth’s environment. In addition to raising sea levels and increasing the likelihood of drought and weather-related natural disasters, climate change is reducing biodiversity, accelerating energy use, decreasing the planet’s volume of fresh water, reducing the amount of food available for consumption, and diminishing the natural resources we need for everything from medicines to building materials.