Regional Reports

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Energy availability and transitioning to renewable energy are challenges that confront every region of the world. Below are select discussions of these issues and actions being taken within each of six regions of the world.


Can Africa develop 'green power'? Read this 2018 report from the DW Made for Minds website.


Asia Pacific

The Asian Development Bank predicts that 48 nations of the Asia Pacific region will collectively increase their energy demand by 67% between 2010 and 2035. This would account for more than half the planet’s consumption. Will this predicted increase be in renewable or nonrenewable resources? Read here.



Almost half of the European Union’s (EU) 28 member states have already hit, or are close to hitting, their 2020 renewable energy targets. Do you know these countries?


North America

The US and Canada have a close, complex, and controversial energy trade relationship in oil, gas, and electricity. This 2018 report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies gives clear presentation of the relationship with informative maps.


Latin America

South America’s use of hydropower has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. See this 2018 report.


South Asia

Southeast Asia’s urban population is projected to rise to nearly 400 million by 2030. A significant investment in waste management will be needed to cope with the increase in garbage. The growth in electricity demand is also expected to increase dramatically. This is putting more emphasis on waste-to-energy projects. Read about it here.


Questions to Consider

Select a country from a world region you have never visited and do some fact-finding about energy.

  • What are the major forms of energy used in the country?
  • Is energy available to all people in the country?
  • Does the government have any policies to increase the use of renewable energy in the country?
  • How does the country you live in compare with this country in terms of energy availability and the amount of renewable energy used?