Chapter Reflection Questions and Explorations

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Reflection Questions

  1. Describe the difference between weather and climate.

  2. Define climate change.

  3. What are the main natural drivers of climate change? What are the main anthropogenic drivers of climate change? How are the natural drivers amplified by the anthropogenic drivers of climate change?

  4. How does climate change affect Earth’s oceans?

  5. Why is global climate change sometimes referred to as a “perfect moral storm”?

  6. What is the the Kyoto protocol? Did your home country ratify this protocol?

  7. How does climate affect human culture? How can climate, in turn, affect human spirituality?

  8. What do the spiritualities of many world religions mean by the idea of ‘balance’ in our relationship with Earth? How does global climate change disrupt this balance?


  1. Visit NASA’s Climate Time Machine to visualize the changes in global temperature, sea ice level, and carbon emissions that cause rising sea levels.

  2. What are the molecules involved in ocean acidification? What chemical reactions lead to increasing acidity in the ocean? Use this multimedia tool to describe how ocean acidification affects animals with shells. 

  3. Define a ‘climate change refugee’. Determine which group or groups of people in your country would be most susceptible to becoming climate change refugees. Explain why.

  4. Compare and contrast two of the following faith-based organizations working to address global climate change: The Bhumi Project, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Green Zionist Alliance, The Association of Buddhists for the Environment, and the Catholic Climate Covenant. Do the two groups you have selected have a similar mission? Have they collaborated on any projects? Write a two-page paper discussing the two organizations that you choose.

  5. Common Sense Education has an excellent list of learning tools for climate change education.