Regional Reports

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Declining biodiversity confronts every region of the world. Below are select discussions of current challenges to biodiversity within each of six regions of the world.


The desertification of the Sahel region in Northern Africa is a pressing environmental crisis. Read to learn more about this crisis and the actions being taken to address it.


Asia Pacific

In November of 2017, scientists in China made a surprising announcement. A species of great ape never know to the scientific community was found: the Tapanuli Orangutan. But as soon as they were identified, their existence was found threatened by a massive dam project. Read about the Tapanuli Orangutan and threats to its survival.



There are 943 plant and animal species in England that have been targeted under the Species Recovery Programme to preserve biodiversity. Read about the species of the month.


North America

Toxic algal blooms in Florida were recently in the news for their devastating impact on fish. Read about the less-reported impact of algal blooms on birds.


Latin America

Though the rate of deforestation has declined in Brazil since 2004, scientists say the rate must continue to be lowered to protect biodiversity not only for Brazil, but for the entire planet. Read about how farmers and ranchers have preserved biodiversity and reduced carbon emissions by decreasing deforestation, but what still needs to be done.


South Asia

A recent article in India Times reports that biodiversity is declining fast, “but all’s not lost yet”. Read the article and discover the hope for biodiversity in India.


Questions to Consider

Imagine you are traveling to a world region that you have never visited. You are taking the trip to learn about trouble spots of declining biodiversity from experts and activists.

  • Some homework before the trip: go on the web and learn about a current problem of declining biodiversity in one of the countries of the region.
  • When you arrive, what is the first question you want to ask the experts and activists from this country about their biodiversity problem?
  • If one of the experts asks you if your country also has a problem with declining biodiversity, how would you answer? If ‘no’, why not? If ‘yes’, why and what is being done about it?