About Us

In his September 16, 2011 letter to the Jesuits around the world, Superior General Adolfo Nicolás referenced the recently published Jesuit document on the environment "Healing a Broken World" (HBW) and challenged the Society of Jesus to redouble its commitment to environmental stewardship in gratitude to God for the gift of the natural world.

To meet Father General’s challenge and the HBW recommendations, the Higher Education Secretariat of the Society of Jesus proposed a three-year International Jesuit Ecology Project (IJEP) to create an online Living Text that addresses select environmental challenges from an integrated scientific, moral, and spiritual perspective. This Living Text, Healing Earth, will be a curricular resource on environmental studies for teachers and students in institutions of higher education and secondary schools worldwide.

IJEP is led by a team from Loyola University Chicago (LUC) and includes lead experts in science, spirituality and ethics from throughout the Society of Jesus' six world regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America, and South Asia.

If you are interested in helping the IJEP or would like more information about IJEP and Healing Earth, contact us at ijep@luc.edu.