Professor of Industrial Engineering
ICAI School of Engineering

I am Professor of Industrial Engineering of the ICAI School of Engineering, Director of the BP Chair on Energy and Sustainability, and co-founder and Director of Economics for Energy. I am also a researcher at the Institute for Technology Research (IIT) and Affiliate Researcher at the MIT CEEPR. Currently I serve as Director of the International Doctoral School of Comillas Pontifical University.

Regarding my teaching and research, I would define myself as a jack of all trades (accepting of course the downside of it). I am interested in many topics, most of them connected by a broad idea of sustainability, understood as an integral concept that encompasses economics, the environment, social capital, innovation, and justice. I mostly devote my research to study the relationship between energy, economics and environment, and specifically sustainable energy policy, energy efficiency, and energy models; but I am also interested in decision making (in particular multiple criteria decision methods), social justice, higher education policy, and some others. I have published about most of these issues in the usual journals relevant in the field. I have also been a consultant for several private and public firms and institutions in Spain, Europe and Latin America.