Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Loyola University Chicago

Dr. Patrick Daubenmire is the Undergraduate Program Director in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Loyola University Chicago. He holds a doctoral degree in chemistry education research from the Catholic University of America and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and theology from St Louis University.

Dr. Daubenmire is especially interested in teaching and learning skills for improving science eductions standards in schools and universities. Among his recent publications are “These Kids Can’t Do Inquiry: in Debugging Myths about Teaching and Learning edited by Diane M. Bunce, (American Chemical Society, 2012),“Bringing Standards-based Chemistry Instruction to an Urban School District” in Chemistry and the National Science Education Standards, 2nd Ed., edited by Stacy Lowery Bretz (American Chemical Society, 2008). Also, he is currently the Primary Investigator on a two-year NSF grant titled, “Families, Organizations, and Communities Understanding Science, Sustainability, and Service (FOCUSSS). Finally, Dr. Daubenmire has been made a co-author for the 9th edition of Chemistry in Context, an American Chemical Society curriculum, a text that embeds learning chemistry concepts in real-world contexts.”