By working through this chapter, you will:

waves crashing on rocks
Water covers approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface, approximately the same percentage of your body is water. 1

  • Investigate a case study about water that raises scientific, ethical, spiritual, and action questions.
  • Explore the structure of the water molecule, the water cycle, and the changing water content in the atmosphere.
  • Learn how water cycles and air currents create weather patterns and climates.
  • Understand the sources of water, the distribution of water on Earth, and the effect of human activities on distribution cycles.
  • Analyze key ethical challenges about water that human beings are confronting in the world today and understand the moral principles, goals, and virtues important for guiding water decisions.
  • Discover ways in which spirituality has influenced the human understanding and use of water, and recognize the importance of spirituality for responding constructively to today’s water crisis.
  • Plan and execute an environmental action that addresses a water problem in your community.