Water challenges confront every region of the world. Below are select discussions of current water challenges within each of six regions of the world.


In response to the water crisis that the Western Cape of Africa is experiencing, a wave of new water-saving innovations has emerged across the province. A new and unique competition based out of Cape Town is calling for innovators, start-ups and small businesses from across the city to submit their best water-saving technologies for evaluation. Learn more about this inventive competition and other water resilience efforts in Africa here.

Affrica map

Asia Pacific

In Indonesia alone, nearly 10 billion plastic bags, weighing 85 tons, are dumped into the environment each year. If this rate of dumping continues, it is predicted that the plastic in the oceans will outweigh the fish by the year 2050. Read about how thousands of Indonesians have banded together in community efforts to purify and restore the waters around their homeland.

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A vast majority of the EU’s lakes, rivers, coastal waters, and groundwaters are in much poorer shape than initially thought. The European Environmental Bureau is calling on EU governments to further protect water habitats and species at risk. See how the EU plans to tackle some of the main causes of water pollution here.

Europe map

North America

What started out as a Grade 6 science project for then-11 year old Stella Bowles has turned into a powerful movement, reaching people around the globe. Read how Stella has become the voice of a community and learn about her efforts to improve water quality in her hometown.

North America map

Latin America

A landmark study released by the United Nations has provided an urgent call to action to cities all over the world. Unless strong and effective strategies to address plastic waste are implemented in the near future, the UN’s study predicts that plastic production will more than double in coming decades. See this story on how Latin America organized the “largest clean up in the world” and other monumental efforts to decrease water pollution in our world.

Latin America map

South Asia

Students in Bengali can now make it to school during the intense monsoon season that they are subject to every year. With the introduction of floating classrooms, small boats that have been configured as school houses, the problem of flooding no longer affects school being in session. Read about how this innovative idea is improving life for so many Bengali children here.
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Questions to consider

Imagine that you are traveling to a world region that you have never visited. You are taking the trip to learn about the region’s water problems from experts and activists. Do some homework before the trip. Go on the web and learn about a current water problem in one of the countries of the region.

  • When you arrive, what is the first question you want to ask the experts and activists from this country about their water problem?
  • How would you answer if one of the experts asks you if your country also has this water problem? If ‘no’, why not? If ‘yes’, why and what is being done about it?