The Healing Earth Introduction outlined four steps to help you move from preparation to action. These were:

  1. See a problem that you want to address.
  2. Study the scientific and social aspects of the problem (the 5 Ws).
  3. Imagine possible action responses that are ethically coherent and spiritually genuine.
  4. Select one of these action responses, perform the action and monitor results.

You may want to review what goes into each step. Below are ideas that invite you to see a problem, gather information, develop responses and perform action.

  1. In 2016, the United Nation’s International Initiative of Water Quality rolled out the new World Water Quality Portal. The Portal is a free visualizer of satellite derived water quality information for worldwide lakes and rivers. Take a look. What water actions do you think this information would support?
  2. This Hydrofinity website connects you with 15 organizations doing global advocacy for water.
  3. Bottled water has been a compound environmental problem since its inception. One of its major problems is plastic. Check this website from the TAPP Water Organization on ways you can reduce plastic pollution.
  4. Water Action Hub connects you with water stewardship projects around the world
  5. Join students from 38 countries and become a Young Reporter for the Environment.