Climate change is affecting every corner of the planet. Below are a few examples of actions against climate change taking place within each of six regions of the world.


In response to climate change, the Kenyan climate activist group Weather Mtaani is taking bold steps.
Affrica map

Asia Pacific

Journalists Somini Sengupta and Nadja Popovich offered this 2018 assessment of global warming in South Asia.

southeast Asia map


Listen to these interviews of climate activists conducted by the Climate Action Network Europe.

Europe map

North America

Grist Magazine has broken down the current and future effects of global climate change on each region of the US.

North America map

Latin America

Read this overall assessment of South America’s climate change challenge.

Latin America map

South Asia

This audio recording from global journalist Jason McLure gives a good description of the current climate change situation for South Asia.

south Asia map

Questions to Consider

Imagine you are preparing to travel to a world region that you have never visited. You are taking the trip to learn about the effects of global climate change. Go on the web and learn about the impact of climate change in one of the countries of that region.

  • When you arrive, what is the first question you want to ask the experts and activists from this country about their experience with climate change?
  • If one of the experts asks you if your country also has a problem with climate change, how would you answer?